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Monday, April 9, 2012

Why Hello!

Hello! So, this is the very first blog I have made. I love watching tutorials and learning new tips and tricks from others but I have found that some of the products used are just too pricey for me.
I have built up a collection of the best and cheapest products around that will help you get the amazing looks for half the price. Hopefully I will soon have tutorials, tips, trends, advice, and all that comes with it. I will definitely have product reviews on mostly anything related with makeup or hair products EXCEPT nails.
I am not good at doing nails so I'm leaving it to the professionals. ;]

So thanks for checking all this out and expect more from me in the near future!



  1. Welcome to the blogging world =) I don't do nails either; I'm horrible at it. I can't wait to see your future posts and I found your blog via Beautylish.


  2. Thanks! :]
    I've seen you on beautylish also!

    I'll be sure to follow.